Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Mc Nutt’s Island


The Hawk West Desk Window 5:25pm

I learned the word “Sanctuary”

from My Mother

Who had it written

on a weathered shingle

nailed to a tree along

the trail We blazed

to The North East Bluff

of McNutt’s Island —

She wrote a passage below

that word, which,

if My Brother were alive

He would remember


The Hawk West Desk Window 9:45pm

Today I have a deal

to sell My Mother’s Grave

That Place She Loved So Dear

is going off to a professional couple

with twelve children

between Them


The Hawk Hallway 9:00am

Today is a beautiful day

for selling an island property

& Hunter awoke with a dream

of David Wilson going sailing

The Hawk Portico 10:30am

Today is Black Friday

& I’ve got an island property

on The Chopping Block

My Realtor is going out to Mc Nutt’s

@ 2 o’clock this sunny high tide

with a prospective buyer from Maine

who’s made His Offer

& paid His Deposit —

He Just Has To See It


The Hawk West Desk Window 8:00am

There’s a Picture somewhere

of My Mother’s outboardĀ The Molly

resting at anchor in a pool of faded pink

It must be down in the basement

here at The Hawk

what will I think

when I see It again?


The Hawk Kitchen 10:38am

A single splash of spray

out My Kitchen Window

evokes a silent prayer

that I may find relief

in The Changing of Hands

of My Mother’s Island Property —

a property I could never see

as My Own —

even if Peak or Eliza

had It — It would still be

My Mother’s


I see a great hull of a cloud

draining an isolated shower

out over The Atlantic

blue-grey into blue-grey

I have begun reading

Anne Yarbrough’sĀ Bowl of Light

a beautiful record of Her Time

living on Mc Nutt’s Island —

Eliza says she wants to read it too