Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Mc Nutt Island


I am casting off My Mother’s Houses

I just opened the cupboard door under the sink

here at The Hawk

to dry My Hands on a non-existent towel there

thinking I was in The Shakespeare House


but I’m not — that House

went in September 2011

& I am left with The Island

ready to go at the full asking price

by This Friday —

how many dish towel memories

do I have there?


Am I going to have to leave

The Island House

for one more winter?

There are still no buyers

spiders have taken over

Who will ever live out there?

 WHB just said, “You’re not in any place

where the bad things happened.”

 Will We keep The Island

in case the power goes out

here on The Hawk?

Will We load up Our Cans

& Sleeping Bags

& boat for The Solace

of That Place so loved

by My Mother

& Me?


1/2 of India sits

in The World’s Largest Blackout

I sit on My Deck

with My Black Astro

lying across Me

while I wait

for a call from My Realtor

maybe with an offer

on My Mother’s Island House

complete with Windmill

& Solar Tracker