Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: marital reconcilliation

Tonight Eye Visited

Tonight Eye Visited

The Guzzel*

once again

this time Filled to the brim

to the far edges of the laid out flats

more Full than Eye had ever seen It

and Eye stood to look

to take It all in

and thought of M(Eye) Husband


On M(Eye) way home

Eye heard The Rocks laugh

with The Tumbling Waves

and Eye wished He could

stand with Me

2 listen

*north end of The Hawk Beach

My Blue Ribbon Man

Eye have seen Him New

in the subtle light

of Directness

with My Confrontation dissolved

He can be Mine Now

with features softened

He is handsome always

in Blue

like those Eyes Eye Love

He Says The Affair Is Over

Is This The Oldest Line In The Book?