Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: love


The Hawk Corner Room 1:02am

EYE have seized The Sky

up here in My Corner Room

where I can paint all day

if I want to, or go to the beach.

I’m cooking for One

and enjoying every minute of it

with My New French Canadian Radio to keep Me company.

Tonight I sorted through My Clothes

and am choosing to wear Those

of no particular significance,

and if You too, My Lovely Daughter

happen to read This

or have It read to You,

please know that I love You always

and will never violate

Your Adjacent Room



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 4:30pm

I have come through

an oven of madness

I have been broiled

and poked

for The Life of My Daughter

for My Son since He was five

when I made a pact

with My Self

that I would never feel

the pain of the loss

of My Mother

and found instead

the love that sustained Me

through My Temperature Gage

of Molten Silver

and Highest Reverie

I have spoken

of My Vile Nature

black with burnt offerings

of Salvation

for The Masses

yet to come

I am out

on the table

for dinner with My Starving Family

My Ex Husband I loved

in the sun

of Our First House,

a tiny one

I am out,


to be eaten now

with Mint Jelly

from the shady side

of My Mother’s Well



The Hawk Queen Bed 4:00pm

Oh Cat, My Cat

with the lemon-green eyes

the colour of Our Sheets

You are here

in this restful room

shaded to the sickness

it supports

I have You curled

at the end of the bed

in the afternoon soliloquy of fever

Oh My Cat

I Love You


The Hawk Dining Room 6:22pm

I Am Setting The Table

for 2

coming out of disaster

to abide Together

after the flack & flap

subside —

I Am Setting The Table

for The Feast Of Love

& no one is invited —

or is The World?


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:30am

Oh Beautiful Bird

You Are A Song

To Me

Your Fair Mimicry

Has Shaped My Life

And I Carry Your Love

On A Silver Platter

Out Into The World

So That It, Too

May Receive The Grace

Of Your Delicate



The Hawk Corner Room 11:45am

Love which can be pulled back

is My Grandest Weapon

how It arms Me

in The Dark

as It has for almost half My Life

It levers Me into The Remainder

for I will keep this Love hidden

and use It only if I have to

like The Crow Bar under My Bed


The Hawk Kitchen 2:22pm

Daughter, It’s Time

to hang Your Red Roses

upside down to dry

It’s Time to Preserve

Their Message

of Love & Devotion & Faith

from The Young Man

Who has You

for Now

July 30th 2012 BARRINGTON PASSAGE 7:33pm

He My L’il Brown Nugget Head

He Mine

I Love ‘im ’till de Day

I Die

He Die b’fo Me

I Love de Memory

I Love ‘im

’till I Die

He Mines

He Mines

He My L’il Brown Nugget Head