Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Jordan Bay Nova Scotia



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:13pm

I went to sleep

how many nights?

in My Summer Child’s Room

in Jordan Bay, Nova Scotia

the oldest child of a single mother

from the sixties —

in that little room at the head of the stairs

I saw The Sun against

My Far Wall

and  I tried to close the curtains

but The Light came in

anyway and I

went to sleep


The Hawk Deck 11:15am

The Birds of My Childhood —

I have Them All Here:

The Back Woods Jay Squawk

of Valley Cottage

The Low Brush Cheep

of The Chick-a-dee-dee-dee

The Harsh Cawing of The Morning Crow

on McNutt’s Island

The Hearkening Bleat

of The Summer Willet

from My Old Jordan Bay

These places I will never see again

but They Call to Me Still

The Little Man

The Hawk Kitchen 5:07pm

When I was A Little Girl

My Grandfather had a bedtime ritual

out on Our Summer Porch in Jordan Bay:

“Say Good Night To The Little Man”

so I would say Good Night each night

to a little seated fishing figure

dressed like Waldo

in a knitted striped sweater

holding a fishing rod

He sat on a pile of pretty rocks and shells

in a corner display case — how

could My Grandfather ever have known

that My Mother would name

Her Single-channel McNutt Island Weather Radio

“The Little Man”

& that She would take Him to bed

& rest Him on Her Chest

listening to His droning, squeaky Voice

lulling Her to sleep?

How could My Grandfather ever have known

that twenty years after My Mother died

I would put My Self to sleep

every night while My Husband holds My Hand

with a rumination about A Little Man

I see linked to Me

from where I began

to where I will end

when I see no beginning

no end?


It was a lawn I mowed

in a peach bikini

when I was sixteen

now covered over with blackberry brambles

thigh high

up to the open front door

no longer entered

It was My Grandparents’ summer house

yellow & white

with yellow & orange roses climbing

with nasturtiums on the entry deck

vegetable garden by the sea

where parsley grew

& where My Grandmother sent Me

to pick a few sprigs for Our Supper

on The Sun Porch