Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Hyde Inquiry


The Hawk West Desk Window 5:25pm

I learned the word “Sanctuary”

from My Mother

Who had it written

on a weathered shingle

nailed to a tree along

the trail We blazed

to The North East Bluff

of McNutt’s Island —

She wrote a passage below

that word, which,

if My Brother were alive

He would remember


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:20am

My Brother used to cry

in His Crib

in Jordan Bay

and My Mother would not

go to Him

Her Mother got upset

and told Her She was wrong

but She would not listen

and raised a child

Who was afraid of swimming

Who covered knot holes

in His Island Bedroom Panelling

with masking tape

because He saw in the fluid knots

scary creatures


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 11:02am

EYE have to sell

M(EYE) Mental Health

to  M(EYE) New Psychiatrist:

nails done

HYDE INQUIRY pant suit

file folder of photos

showing sculpted heads

Certificate of Congratulations

from Concept 2 Rowing

New Painting started on basement floor

EYE have to sell

M(EYE) Self


October 18, The Hawk Living Room 6:30pm

When I hit

20,001,100 metres

on My 10 year-old Concept 2 indoor rower

I raised My Arms

in triumph

& Hunter snapped a picture

forever declaring in that frame

that I was Howard


Interview with Steve Murphy of CTV Atlantic News, December 2010


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:33pm

I was eating My Canned Soup tonight

when I realized

I can’t just pick up the phone

& call My Brother Howard —

He’s Not There — Or Here

He was killed, accidentally

on a jail-house floor

five-and-a-half years ago

prompting The 3-year Hyde Inquiry

resulting in Our Two Copies

of The 460-page Judge’s Decision titled:

Report of The Fatality Inquiry

Into The Death Of Howard Hyde

shelved in Hunter’s New Library


During My Brother’s Fatality Inquiry

I bought a silk dress suit

Armani size 8 made in Italy–

–It Was The Colour Of Moonlight–

I thought a Doctor’s Wife

should have Such A Suit:

I paid Today’s Value

of 30 Silver Maple Leafs

& gained 5 pounds