Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Howard T. Walden 2nd



The Hawk Queen Bed 8:48pm

In The Jordan Bay House

Howard and I were put to bed

at 8 o’clock

with late evening sun

pouring in over the ridge

to the west of our Grandparents’

It came through uncurtained windows

as We lay in Our Beds

tired from Our Days

at the shore

or helping in Granmamma’s garden

or Pappy’s workshop —

those were the domains

of Our Grandparents while Our Mother

worked on Her Island House

half a harbour away

where She would sleep

forever when She died

with sheep walking over

Her Grave


The Hawk Library 6:11pm

Dr Blair Play Me

like the remote

that came with Your New Air Conditioner

play all the buttons

over & over

beneath the old portraits

of My Mother, Her Gay Lover

& My Grandfather —

lull Me into submission

down below the New Device

creating cool new air

breathing upon

Our Marriage