Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: house cleaning


The Tomato-coloured Couch 11:47am

How many galaxies

have I picked up

blown into corners

of My Universe —

how many have I created

wiping up cat hairs

off The Kitchen Ottoman

or The Thick Grey Bath Mat

turned inside My Toilet Bowl

and scrubbed hairless

with a wet cloth?


The Hawk West Desk Window 10:46am

I am convinced

that God is Woman —

the more I clean My House

or try to —

the more galaxies I create

the more black holes I fill

& the more germs

rather than eliminate

I choose to live with —

I am convinced


The Tomato-coloured Couch 12:22pm

After My Shower

I reached for A Star

floating mid-way

between My Cathedral Ceiling

& The Damnable Floor

I jumped with My Left Arm up

scared a cat

& missed

& had to resort

to the dust



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 1:45pm

I’ve done enough

of sweeping up galaxies —

it’s an endless task

organizing, compiling known particles

of cat hair, cat food crumbs

specks of kitty litter, the occasional claw point

not to mention Heaven’s Dust

heavy in My House —

“Out Damn Spot!”


The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:00pm

I have a crowded secret

in My Heart:

something I threw out

in My fire-burning

desire for ridding

The World of that

deemed garbage by Me

something as simple

as a moulded glass dish

with matching lid

— too small to be bothered with —

held momentarily

in My Frantic Hand

I let it go

into the 39th trash bag



The Hawk West Desk Window 12:15pm

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses

knocked on My Side Door

while I was mopping upstairs

& tried to get Me

to believe in Satan

but I would have none of it:

“I give The Devil no credence”

They said, “So You believe Mankind is responsible

for all the bad things?”

I said, “In part, but I believe

in The Reconciliation of Opposites”

“What’s That?”

I told Them I wanted to get back

to My Cleaning


The Tomato-coloured Couch 1:00pm

Men don’t generally

pick lint & cat hairs

off of stuff

No kitty-litter leavings

get swept off the couch

by a male tidying hand

I’ve just put out cheese & crackers

for a new potential girlfriend

& lit a candle for Her

on My coffee table

Would a heterosexual man

have done the same?


The Hawk Kitchen 5:45pm

OK, I’ve had it

with this star-quality house dust

blanketing every dark surface

in My Maid-free Home —

I see The Night Sky

on My Kitchen Radio

shaped like an alien’s head

& crumbs of cat treats

in the Milky Way

of My New Kitchen Floor


The West Desk Window 11:00am

The New Floors Are Down

without The Moulding Yet —

Hunter’s Library Is Finished

without Books

Wing Chair

& Grand Father’s Desk

I Am Frozen

In My Writing —

I recall One Social Worker

ten years ago

Make The Pronouncement

that To Stay Clean

Some People Keep Busy

or was that

To Stay Busy

Some People Clean?


I turned on The Water

in what’s called Eliza’s Shower

& unbuttoned My LL Bean Rose Striped Linen Shirt

in The Mirror, Eliza’s Mirror

& took off My Grey Capris

which I have to throw out

because My Husband told Me

They go up The Crack of My Butt

I took off My Underwear

& tossed It in Eliza’s Laundry Basket

I took off My Unwieldy Bra

& hung It on a doorknob

How Long Is This Poem Going To Be?

I looked at My Body’s Profile

& decided if I look fat

I am probably about to get My Period

I stepped in behind The Curtain

The Stall was dirty

I put cleanser on a cleaning rag

I cleaned while The Spray was on Me

& rinsed The Tub

My Hair Was Wet

I squeezed out some Nizoral

Red In My Left Hand

& lathered My Hair

The Directions advise to leave It in

for 3-5 minutes

so I stepped back out

to look at My Watch

It told Me I was in The Twenty-second minute

OH!  That’s When I Cleaned The Tub!

I cleaned The Tub & then Me

& rinsed My Hair

& got out

I towelled off in a clean towel

& took My Clothes

back to My Room

to put on Different Clothes

& Do You Know What I Put On?

I put on Black Underwear

My Black Push-up Bra

Black LL Bean Capris w/ Comfort Waist

Black Tank

Silver Earrings

Wedding Rings

Quartz Crystal & Diamond Question Mark Ring

& My Ladies Bulova Open-heart Watch

I bought for My Self