Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: happiness

Good Morning Everybody!

Last night Eye went out

with My Husband’s Girlfriend

and boy is she beautiful!

Her long black hair

is really hair extensions

but she babies her hair —

Her eyes are large

with those famous arching brows

but best of all —

her face shrinks

into itself

at her chin

and Eye am inspired

to sculpt

Her Portrait


The Hawk Portico 2:25pm

There was that time —

too long a time —

when I would not get dressed

would lie in bed

and wish the worst

upon My Self —

Now if I choose to wear

My Pyjamas all day

it is simply because

I am enjoying My Leisure

My Bird Song

and The Waves


The Tomato-coloured Couch 3:20pm

I can sit in The Sun

on My Tomato-coloured Couch

happy to have My Living Room back

from The Exodus

of M(EYE) X Miss Tree —

I can listen to The Coffee House

and wait for a phone call

from My Son

while the snow melts

off the shovelled steps —

I can live

in My Beautiful House relaxed

no longer feeling bereft

of family

and feeling that M(EYE) Life

is complete



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 6:34pm

I have found happiness

in the stillness of the air

I have found happiness

in the songs of the birds

I have found happiness

in the company of cats

& with a sleeping husband

I have found

that I am



The Hawk Queen Bed 9:07am

In The Depths of Depression

sunk inside a psychiatric unit

I would wait through each day

until I could ready My Self for bed

take My “Meds” at 9:00

put on My Pyjamas

& try to sleep

only to have to face the morning

& the same old Hellish repeat

Here On The Hawk

I Put On My Pyjamas


& Go To Bed With My Husband

& Rise Happy

To Check On My Painting

& Drink Our Morning Coffee


The Hawk Kitchen 7:15pm

I used to announce to Hunter

when I felt a wave of happiness

& now I have felt not The Wave

but The Smooth Line — The Flat Line

of complete fulfilment:

It came in My Kitchen

cooking Fettuccine Alfredo

with spaghetti noodles

& looking out the sink window

to the evening light

on the rocks

lining My Cellar Drive