Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: grandmother


The Hawk Corner Room 12:06pm

My Grandfather married

a Southern Belle

named Josephine Elizabeth Meadow

Who grew magnificent gardens

& cooked macaroni and cheese

She stood beside Her Nasturtiums

in a bright orange house coat

& sang Me a song

“Sweetest Little Joge —

Everybody Knows

Everywhere She goes

She’s Mighty Like A Rose”


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:39pm

I’m taking off

on My Knitting

under the instruction

of My Children’s Grandmother

I have perched My Fingers

on 2 gun-metal rockets, star pointed

providing novice support

for My Earliest Rows

of hot pink

garter stitch



Barrington Passage 5:30pm

My Grandmother on My Mother’s side

was from Birmingham, Alabama

and told me this riddle when I was little:


“What’s the difference between

a piece of watermelon

and a sweet pea?”


Answer:  “About fifteen minutes.”


The West Desk Window 9:00pm

This Evening My Daughter drove off

with Her Boyfriend Tyler

against a backdrop of sunset

gold & amethyst

like My Mother’s antique ring

worn by Eliza for the first time

— She asked if She could wear It —

said She would keep It

in a blue velvet box at night

& that They’d be back from Halifax

on Sunday


The Hawk Bedroom 8:30am

I was That Child

exclaiming as I came through The Gate

of My Grandmother’s Jordan Bay Garden:

“Granmama — You have the most beautiful garden

in The Whole Wide World –”

exclaiming with feigned delight

because I knew

how much I could please Her


I placed My Bejewelled Left Arm

upon the cushion of My Sofa

The Left Hand of Which

became My Grandmother’s–

The Hand My Mother Saw

in a tree

The Night My Grandmother Died


It was a lawn I mowed

in a peach bikini

when I was sixteen

now covered over with blackberry brambles

thigh high

up to the open front door

no longer entered

It was My Grandparents’ summer house

yellow & white

with yellow & orange roses climbing

with nasturtiums on the entry deck

vegetable garden by the sea

where parsley grew

& where My Grandmother sent Me

to pick a few sprigs for Our Supper

on The Sun Porch


How incongruous that I should hear

The Jays of Valley Cottage

Here on Cape Sable Island

where I am so far removed

from My Growing Up–

or aren’t I still growing?

Here I feel I Have Arrived–

My Destiny has been laid out

on My Grandmother’s Silver Tray

on display atop

My Mother’s Mahogany Drop-leaf Table

Here in My Hawk Living Room