Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: future


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 1:25pm

With My Right Fist

I will pummel The Truth

of Our Existence

into The Minds

& Hearts

of Men, Women, Children

until They all decide


to see

the diabolical workings

of Our History

pounded into Our Present —

laid out to jump

into Our Future

of The Sublime


The Hawk Deck 9:30am

Will My Poems Be

For A Later Time

When All We Have

Is The Future?

The Past Is Merely

In Our Minds —

Locked In Perhaps

Distorted —

But What Will My Poems Say

To New Generations

Who Will Perhaps

Think Like “Eye”?


The fashionable mantra “Live For Today”

is faulty at best:

It’s Your Past and Your Future

which build Your “Today”

Your Past is where You Come From

It is all you have To Show For Your Life

Your Future is what You Envision

and therefore can make happen

or not make happen

Your Decisions and Your Actions are made

or not made

based on Your Past and Your Future:

“Today” is just lead time