Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: extra marital affairs

The Cottage

Eye have had My Fill

of wedding rings

& long black hairs

dislodged from corners,

bed & bath

The man is Mine —

if He is a Man —

and I cannot live

the single life

The Good Wife

Women are at least

as territorial as men,

and Eye run

a tight ship.


Eye hear the waves

from across The Guzzle

where rising

My Husband resides.

Eye will not be pushed around

by Him

or anyone else.

My presence



The Other Woman

Eye am in a new phase

of My 57 Years:

contending with The Other Woman —

a role I once reluctantly played —

She is dark-haired

(I have acquired samples)

and intriguing

(of course She would have to be that —

My Husband goes after women who are more observant

than He is)

but how will He “treat” Her?