Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: dream symbolism


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:45am

I dreamt of a cheerful baby

named Turrettes

who jumped on a bed

and fell off backwards

on Her Head but

She was alright —

only spewed out a streak

of vomit

across surrounding walls

which I cheerfully

cleaned up

much to the thanks

of Her Mother


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 2:38pm

I crossed a short causeway

to PEI (Prince Edward Island)

only it was more like a small city

when I got there —

like Halifax

only tiny

and My Intention was to drive around

its perimeter

but I started talking to a group

of young urban people

who lived there

and asked

“Is there any place to dance?”

I didn’t get a specific answer

Next I was sitting

across from a black woman

who had ordered

some kind of Japanese food for Us —

tiny servings of rice  with sliced pickles

on toothpicks

and a sample of something with peanuts

in a Szechuan sauce

— I was hungry and it was not enough —

She was telling me

“Do You know there’s A Child

Who’s allowed to go on the bus alone —

guess how old She is?”

I blurted out “Two!”

“Try five or six months –”

and just as I was about to ask

if there was any kind of babysitter

I started to eat My Napkin

and woke up

DREAM # 22

The Hawk Kitchen 1:22am

I Have Risen From The Dream

Of My Mother’s Cure

Of Her Malignant Brain Tumour —

In The Dream I Befriended

Her Doctor

With Whom I Had Had

A Strained Relationship

Since The Day He Examined

My Back

When I Was Wearing A Black Bra


The Hawk Basement 1:00pm

Last night I dreamt

of a Gorilla Woman

Who could not speak

being “cared for” by a man

Who had fathered two young girls

by another woman

and The Gorilla Woman

was Their Foster Mother —

first Her Face was a Gorilla Face

then She turned into An Old Human

wearing Old Lady Clothes


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:18am

I dove into a Floridian Pool

against a backdrop

of pool-side haze

& old people

In the middle somewhere

I held an infantile hand

in My Left

& used it, shamelessly

to masturbate



The Hawk Kitchen 5:20am

I just woke from a crystal dream

of watching an elderly Bride

through a car window —

Hunter was with Me in the car —

The Bride was sitting, waiting

in a white wool knitted cap

there was a sign next to Her:

“Wedding Today”

She had smudged fuchsia lipstick

& and black hair beneath Her cap

but She was OLD

Her elderly Groom came to Her Right Side

holding a Single Black Rose

with a little brown bird ornament

which He offered to pin on His Bride

She hesitated but was glad to receive It

I watched & I cried

I cried

& cried