Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: dance


On My Dresser

when I was little

I displayed a black & white

photograph of My Father

dressed as George Washington

for a costume party —

I remember His Girlfriend

as Martha

showing Me Her Skirts —

all Her Skirts

right down to Her Short Lace Slip —

I remember The Layers

as She counted

like the lime-green prom dress

I think I’ll buy

from The Salvation Army

to dance My Dance of Hip Hop

with arms revealed

legs concealed


Seeing Is Believing

Dr Blair was surprised

I didn’t end up

in a dumpster in New York —

Well — he’ll be a lot more


when Eye end up

as The New Darling

of The Black Revolution

And Eye Have Maria

How Do You Get To Be Anything

Without Being A Wanna-be?

NOTE:  Eye am already

everything I have ever

wanted to Be —

except a helicopter pilot —

not YET


My sculpture melted —

Dance Demonstration Request:

He told Me “Curtsy”


The Hawk Corner Room 4:50am

EYE am gonna put on M(EYE) Clown Face

& leap around M(EYE) House In Time

to Classical Music in The Breaking Dawn

Soul Town in The Afternoon

& maybe Hip Hop @ Night

when M(EYE) Back

unkinks —

My Husband likes Me Now



The Hawk King Bed 7:50am

EYE am Back

in My Husband’s Bed

in the wee hours

as His Guest

& Maid

but not as His Personal Dresser

EYE may or may not Cook

for Him

but I will no longer argue

& I will Dance & Dance & Dance

to M(EYE) Heart’s Content


The Hawk West Desk Window 10:22pm

I was That Ballet Dancer

twirling madly in any psychiatrist’s fantasy

exposing My 101 Split-second Facial Expressions

aimed at an imaginary upper corner Camera —

or was It Imaginary?

in a room of no furnishings

except for one rubber mattress

repeatedly blanketed over

by Me

to grow a garden

of hair & spit

before My Assemblage




I see My Self

in a Room of White

twirling rapidly in a diaphanous gown

such as I drew in My Childhood

My Arms are grasping

across my Chest

to make Me spin faster

& My Hair is long again

flailing out around Me

like a halo

I am dancing The Dance

of Eternity

for The World

to see

I am an audience

of One