Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: creativity

The Artist’s Legacy

If You’re a poet

and You kill Yourself

no one will appreciate

Your Work

the way You would have



If You’re an artist

and You cut off Your Ear

people will call You



The Hawk Corner Room approx. 1:40pm

EYE have held

The Most Precious

of Life’s Juice

in M(EYE) Left Palm

& IT was The Colour

of Today’s First Snow

in Antioch Illinois


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 6:22pm

My Husband names Me

“Artist In Residence”

and here I am

with My Cherry Slippers

and pen in hand

fabricating heads

and learning how to knit

drinking de-caf with cream

and thanking God

(and My Mother)

on My Knees


The Hawk Kitchen 7:00pm

I See The Sphere

Of Our Universe

Swirling In Countless Forms

Of Loose Fat Globules

Inside A Big Black Frying Pan:

Hamburger Grease

And Tap Water

Don’t Mix —

They Create