Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: cloud formation


The Hawk Outpost 8:15pm

I looked from The Sky’s wispy clouds

threading overhead

to last year’s bamboo crop

the colour of This Year’s Fawn

Who emerged from new shoots

like magic

to test The Neighbour’s Offering

of a scoop of grain


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:28pm

The Evening Clouds

Are Heavy Silver

— everything comes to silver —

Moving From The Still-luminous West

Overhead As I Sit On The End

Of My Tomato-Coloured Couch

Savouring The Portrait

I Am Making

Of My Sky


The Hawk Dining Room 1:05

The Fog Clouds are shifting rapidly Right to Left

South To North

as I look out My Dining Room Window

determined to capture Their Silver Evocation

of the higher clouds

to capture Them

speeding away from the upper, more stationary

grey silhouettes

of backlit Silver

The Lower Fog Clouds are moving in streaks today

rather than the bulbous blotches

of yesterday

as I look They’re getting thinner, thinner

revealing more & more Silver cloud behind

Oh there They go!

and there They’ve left the magnificent skyscape

brimming with molten undulations

of My Precious Metal


The Hawk Corner Room 9:26am

I See The Thinnest of A Silver Line

Along The Piece of Horizon Facing Me

Cloud Banks Are In Linear Formation

Above The Silver

The Ocean

Is A Grey Foundation:

My Foothold To The Structure of The Sky


I feel a momentary gladness

with a song I like on the radio

as I look out My Sliding Kitchen Doors

to The Full Clouds

illuminated by The Sun

in an opposite part of The Sky