Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: blue jays


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 12:17pm

They flew above Me

surrounding My View

by the hundreds —

a thick flock of Blue Jays

where before I had always seen

Their Brilliance singularly

or in pairs —

I saw Them all around

weighted in The Scraggly Apple

even landing on the deck —

it doesn’t matter what

I was thinking or

where I was standing

— EYE Saw Them —


The Hawk Deck 12:14

Under a heralding

of Blue Jays

and a back drop of waves

I am scrubbing My Canvas

My Old, 23 Year Old

giant map of Canada

where once a Maple Leaf

was painted on Quebec

where now it is pieces

having been left

blowing off wood piles

in Atlantic

I am reclaiming My Stake

in The Work

of “Satellite Art for Extraterrestrials”

to commemorate The 14 Female Engineering Students

killed in Montreal

on December 6th, 1989

before Peak was even

2 years old



The Hawk Portico NOON

When I hear The Squawk of The Jay

It stirs something in Me

some nebulous touch of nostalgia

I cannot put My Finger on

It has something to do with My Childhood

or My Growing Up

solitary in Valley Cottage

maybe in The Backyard Woods —

I had few friends:

one kooky one

Who always chanted “Hyde Hyde —

Take Me Outside”

when I was happy to oblige

after some pretend reluctance


The Hawk West Desk Window 12:22pm

So This Is Nova Scotia

I’ve woken up in The Land of Dreams

to find I no longer belong

I have arrived at My Life’s Destination

& The Jays are telling Me

“Go Back, Go Back”

“What do You want to be

when You grow up?”

“I want to be a ballet dancer 

but I’ll probably be an artist”

I hold on tight to My Black Cat Astro

replacement for a beloved Tom

Who was the first creature

I ever grieved over

before My Mother Died

& I fell in love

with The Scripted Little Man

Who’s stayed with Me

in My Mind & Heart

for nearly 20 years

I must go back

to the capable kid I was

with paper route

and baby-sitting jobs

who knew She would be An Artist

Who was An Artist

painting giant canvases

& wowing art teachers

at Cooper Union

— if She could make it there

She could make it anywhere —

but She can’t go back

only forward

without the encumbrances

of Her Mother’s Estate

& The Doctor She Lives With

in a marriage based on His Reality



The Hawk Deck 8:40am

The Morning Sky is Silver

as I heed the wealth

of My Surroundings

The Surf is shushing Me again

while My Teacup steeps

My Husband sleeps

I assess the coolness of The Wind


The Surf is Louder Now

It Wakes Me Up

To The Silver Streaks & Pools

across The Ocean

My Husband is Up

& We’re Having Coffee


A Pair of Jays have come

to The Straggly Apple by The Deck

Others Join Them

so I have My Flock of Jays

Who squawk out My Growing Up

as They All fly off:

“You are in The Childhood

of Your Maturity

Here On The Hawk”


How incongruous that I should hear

The Jays of Valley Cottage

Here on Cape Sable Island

where I am so far removed

from My Growing Up–

or aren’t I still growing?

Here I feel I Have Arrived–

My Destiny has been laid out

on My Grandmother’s Silver Tray

on display atop

My Mother’s Mahogany Drop-leaf Table

Here in My Hawk Living Room