Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: beach walk


The Hawk Beach 7:55pm

I had just started to write

The Guzzle is at Its deepest

when the incoming tide

churns its way toward Me

along the far edge

caught in the evening light

like a mini Grand Canyon —

then I heard a BUZZ —

a giant flying insect?

I looked overhead and guessed

I was being spied upon

by My First Ever Drone!


The Hawk Beach 7:50pm

Last night I saw one sizeable sand castle

with a tunnel and moat and bridge —

tonight one hump of it

and the bridge of wood

remain —

farther along The Hawk Beach

an additional creation is ringed

with blue and purple mussel shells

sporting crab claws and sea gull feathers

and a third,

also from last night,

sets unscathed

with pink crab shells adorning

each of its four turrets



The Hawk Beach 8:10pm

Tonight I am immersed

in a blue paler

than the sky

after a light rain

when I almost didn’t bring My Book

the weightiness of My Words

has Me sitting on damp sand

at the edge of the tide

as darker waves undulate

beneath sunlight in The East —



The Hawk Beach 7:00pm

Beside My Lovely Guzzle

The Transparency of Flaming June

is complete —

finished in a two-day almost frenzy

& I am almost exhausted —

here for My Fortification

with The Waves @ My Sneakers

I have somewhere to go

while My Husband rows

His Dory

and We take a break

from discussions of

The Medical Cartel


The Hawk Beach 2:45pm

I have walked The High Tide Line

to The Restoration of My Reason

and so have reached The Guzzle

a rivulet of blue and aqua

flowing into The Atlantic Waves —

I have satisfied God’s demands

to feel the need

of living and so

I sit with a flock of gulls

adjacent to The Supreme Essence

of Peace I have become


The Hawk Beach NOON

I threw away a fantasy rock

into the depths of the bamboo hedge

never to be found

despite rubber gloves

rubber boots

and heavy brown pants

I may never wear again


I walked to The Hawk Beach

and setting foot

on the ledge of piled stones

I found three great ones —

a double-lined, a single-lined

and an oblong grey

side-swiped with white

to put at My Front Step


The Hawk Beach 7:40pm

I’ve made it to The Guzzle

on one night of less than solid sleep

but adequate

for a first day out

with My Ex Cousin-in-law —

a loose black dog came up behind

as I began My Beach Walk

and for the first time

I was not



Eliza’s Room 8:43pm

As I walked the lines

of shoes and sneakers

measured in the sand

I saw a track of feet so bare

veer off into the frothy foam

I wondered at the line

of tide which consumed

their salty prints

and merely as a bonus


their re-emergence

further on


In The Sun Today

I Walked The Pattern Of The Waves

& Looked Across The Sand

To Sea The Breakers

But To Hear Their Over-turnings Muffled

Out Of Reach Of The Wind

Rippling The Clouds Outside

My Kitchen Window

When I Got Home