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Belief System

The Human Mind can

and does believe anything:

Believe what you want


THE COAST GUARD, Shelburne, N.S., Tuesday, July 20th, 1993 — 1B


by Harold Hart

Joanna Hyde of Shelburne has

been busy recently in her back-

yard painting the design of a four-

teen point maple leaf on a huge

40 by 30 foot map of Canada.

The fourteen points mark loca-

tions in Labrador and Quebec

where Hyde would like to position

light reflecting surfaces to reflect

star-like points of light in the out-

line of a maple leaf into outer


The large map arrived in Shel-

burne from Ottawa on May 17

where it had been hanging on an

outside wall of the National Arts

Centre.  It was put there by the

Canadian Conference of the Arts

earlier in the year in an effort to

pressure the Federal Govern-

ment to stop cutting funding for

arts programs.  It remained there

until the April 26 budget was


Joanna learned about the map

from an article in The Chronicle

Herald.  Being interested in what

is called public art – the kind of

art which is large and displayed

outdoors – Joanna decided she

wanted the map.  She contacted

the coordinator of the Canadian

Conference of the Arts and was

told she could have the map if she

would pay the shipping charges.

Joanna agreed and wound up the

new owner for just less than two

hundred dollars.

The map consists of twelve sec-

tions that were circulated to

more than 150 art galleries,

theatres, and schools in each

province where signatures were

affixed to protest government

funding cutbacks for the arts.

Once joined together the pieces

make a huge map of the country

with more than 400,000 signatures

appearing on it…

“Well, what is its weight?”

“Oh, it’s Dead Weight.”

“That’s OK.  I just cremated

My Mother —

She didn’t weigh very much.”

After She painted Her 14-point Maple Leaf

Joanna lay down

and almost died.

She almost died

for years and years.

Long after one husband

cut up the map for tarps

to cover wood piles

at Her First Marital Home

Joanna revived eventually

on poetry and bird song

to find in the Summer of 2016

the abandoned map sections —

one with moss and ferns growing

out of it —

With the help of Her Adult Children

She retrieved three surviving pieces

of The Giant “Ties That Bind

and dragged them across the county

to The East Side of Her Hawk House.

She laid them out

busy in Her Back Yard

hosing and scrubbing a 23-year build up

of Nova Scotia’s Forested Fate

stained and distressed

front and back

to dry in the sun

with the help of a couple of old towels —

not Her Grey One —

there was left no semblance of the configuration

of Canada — only the ghost

of a few red lines

a few patches of indelible signatures

and one partial strip of big black letters

along what must have been

the bottom — in English and French:


She arranged the pieces

some still edged by sturdy grommets —

into what became a nearly perfect square

measuring 27 feet by 23.5 feet:

She had Her Canvas.

She would paint on the BACK.

She folded up the three sections

and with the help of Her Second Husband

She piled Them onto the floor

of The Hawk Utility Room —

the floor She had been using

for Her Most Recent Paintings

and as She writes, She thinks

of building a platform

a stage

perhaps next summer

if there is the same lack of rain

as this one —

She would secure The Triptych

upside down, with the foundation

of Canadian signatures — what’s left of the original


and setting up Her Gallons of Paint

with broom and hose nearby

She would paint and sweep and hose

Stratosphere of The Universe




The Hawk Deck 8:19am

Twelve weeks ago I took

My Last Pill of Olanzapine

and I am stable as I was meant to be

but have to deal with continued

sleep deprivation —

last night I got 61/2 hours

on 2 mgs of Ativan

which is better than the night before —

Eliza and Jon will see

My Sculpture this morning

as it sits on the kitchen counter

with Its Left Eye closed

and Its Right Eye

in Another World —

The Sun is out

and I have the freshness of September

coming into play



The Hawk Queen Bed 8:54am

I could write It now

while My Husband is in The Tub —

It’s all set up

in the heart of the USA —

The World’s Largest Slaughter House

when The Aliens decide to eat Us

They could herd Us along

the metal gates

the miles of trucking routes

in packed containers

to The Killing Chambers

where We would slide

down against steel floors


maybe 50 at a time

and dumped out onto The Cutting Boards





The Hawk Exercise Room Window 10:47am

Today before My Row

I opened the Hawk Exercise Room Window

finding two galactic

Spider Hatchings

— gold They are —

I am with Them

after My Row

One on the outside of the little screen

One on the inside


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:22am

Last Night I saw

a clothing moth

trying to get My Attention

in Eliza’s room

as I sat to write —

I tried to slap it between

My Hands

but failed

& woke this morning

with a moth ball dilemma:

I do not want to stink up

Eliza’s tiny room

especially as I

sleep there


The Hawk Basement 10:34am

Last Night I had to roll

up My Aquatic Foliage

as I had signed it off

unsuitably for My Husband’s


& so It lies

on My Basement Floor

ready to be saturated

with RAID


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:18pm

Tonight I spared The Life

of a 2nd Silver Fish —

The First One I squished

with My Sandal —

#2 was right against The Black Spiral

on My floor-laden painting

probably going after some glitter glue —

but He caught My Attention

at The Center of My Art

so I quietly observed His Behaviour

testing His Awareness of Me —

I put My index finger above Him

as if to squash

but He didn’t budge

so I let Him Be


The Hawk Utility Room 9:05pm

I sit before My Latest Painting

starting out as M(EYE) BODY

but quickly seen out

as Aquatic Foliage —

I’m wearing My most expensive earrings

which, earlier today, caught fire

in The Hawk Living Room

when I observed a filament cluster

of cat hair floating mid air

in a beam of sun from The Sky Light —

as I bent to grasp

and missed

The Illuminated Galaxy,

sparks ignited on The Floor —

M(EYE) Precious Grounding Floor —

as I glinted rays dangling from M(EYE) Lobes

all around

and down below


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 1:34pm

Seeing M(EYE) Halo

I Killed A Flying Insect —

Was I Wrong Or Right?