Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Tag: Africa


The Hawk Queen Bed 12:45am

Against The Backdrop of Africa

I stood to walk in a circle

of Black Women

reaching out to Me

— They had never seen a white baby

before —

& against the backdrop of fishermen

I clomped in My Black Fisherman’s Boots

up the pavement

of The Sandy Point Fish Wharf

to drive My Mother’s parked

VW Square Back

back down to the Molly already unloaded —

the men had never seen

a girl from New York

arriving each summer

departing for school in the fall —

against the backdrop

of art school intellectualism

I stood out for My Big Ideas

going after The Top

 falling in love

with The President of Cooper Union —

& marrying instead My Ticket

to Nova Scotia — having My 2.4


with .4 ending up depicted

as a 3D red blotch

hanging in My Hawk Living Room

& now married to The Famous Dr Blair —

against the backdrop of Cape Sable Island

on the most southern tip of Atlantic Canada

I have become The Famous Artist

living in Nova Scotia —

a fish out of water

in Her Element


This is M(EYE) 2,000th Post

and EYE have reached The Heart of Planet Earth —

EYE have reached Africa where EYE spent the first year of M(EYE) Life

in Gabon

and was held in the arms of the original Great White Doctor, Albert Schweitzer.


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 6:55pm

Astro is The Gorilla of Cats

hulking on the wrought iron table

in the rain licking

the wetness off the glass

reflecting His Blackness

into ripples

of green


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:34pm

I have arranged a vase

of Eliza’s dried roses

sitting below two framed portraits

of Africa

My Beginning

I began in Gabon

for My First Year

photographed in Dr Schweitzer’s Arms

I have been in The Arms

of Doctors

ever since


The Hawk Kitchen 9:11pm

Something Broke Tonight:

It Wasn’t My Heart

It Wasn’t My “Nerves”

It Was A Clay Parrot

One Of A Non-identical Pair

hand-carved from Africa

used as falling-down bookends

By My Mother

Ornaments By Me

well, One got tipped off the top

of My hand-made doll cabinet

— landed on Its Beak —

that was It — crushed

pulverized & shattered

I Needed That