Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: William Hunter Blair

“The World Is My Oyster”

and Eye am The Grit —

the contaminant, the irritant

and layer by layer

Eye will come out



Eye sat beneath

His Silver Tree

& heard a bird

I could not see —

I looked and looked

& heard some more —

then saw its yellow

fly off to Yore

Dr Legend

My Captive of nineteen years ago

stood bedraggled

in the night time doorway

of His dank examining room

with Arms of Dishonour


Morning Tea With Cream

Eye wear regal fakery

on My Left Ring Finger —

solid gold

on My Right.

The World will be told


some time soon

if the parties involved

feel like it


The Cottage

Eye have had My Fill

of wedding rings

& long black hairs

dislodged from corners,

bed & bath

The man is Mine —

if He is a Man —

and I cannot live

the single life


With This Ring

Eye Thee Wed

Upon My Brother’s Chain

Around My Neck

I Am Thy Slave

The Good Wife

Women are at least

as territorial as men,

and Eye run

a tight ship.


Eye may not want to

clean & cook for My Husband:

Eye fuck legally


Eye hear the waves

from across The Guzzle

where rising

My Husband resides.

Eye will not be pushed around

by Him

or anyone else.

My presence



My Blue Ribbon Man

Eye have seen Him New

in the subtle light

of Directness

with My Confrontation dissolved

He can be Mine Now

with features softened

He is handsome always

in Blue

like those Eyes Eye Love