Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Category: abuse

“The World Is My Oyster”

and Eye am The Grit —

the contaminant, the irritant

and layer by layer

Eye will come out



Eye hear the waves

from across The Guzzle

where rising

My Husband resides.

Eye will not be pushed around

by Him

or anyone else.

My presence



The Art of Sexual Frustration

Eye have a Doctor

in My Bed

and nice to Me

He is not —

He sleeps & sleeps

upon His Head

which I could grab —

is He Hot?


Oh Yes He Was Great —

The Great Man

that He Thinks He Is —

He Satisfied My Every Desire

and repeated himself


Eye State M(Eye) Case

Yeah, He tried to box

Me in

with sex


& money —

& not that much money


The Shlong Speaks 3

The trick is to hold Your Power

over someone’s head

without bashing in

His Skull

The Artist’s Legacy

If You’re a poet

and You kill Yourself

no one will appreciate

Your Work

the way You would have



If You’re an artist

and You cut off Your Ear

people will call You


Friday The 13th 2

Is Reformation possible?

When Hell Freezes Over —

Can Eye make that


This Is Not Slander

Dr Blair has four children:

His oldest daughter is a year older than me

and I don’t know if she is dead or alive.

His second daughter is a very close friend of mine.

His son I guess I am still on speaking terms with —

and his fourth I just wish Happy Birthday.


Dr Blair has nine grandchildren —

three of them I have never met.


He has at least fourteen great grand children

and he doesn’t even want to know that they exist.

The Shlong Whispers

Hey Dr Blair

U stepped all over

My Fantasy —

Eye guess all that’s left


is to sue

Your Ass