Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: March, 2023

THIS Constitutes Peace

My Daughter is with Me

asleep still

before Eye make Her Coffee —

My X’s Cat Cami

has finally shut up

Her Terrific Yeowling

for ferocious pettings

and snow laces The View

of My Gully nestled

with His Companion

against a patch of grass

by The Scraggly Apple


Eye have always MOVED.

Eye have never been inert —

for billions & trillions of years

before Eye was conceived

in The Mind of God —

butt then Who was counting??

Now There Are Two Gulls

Now There Are Two Gulls

sitting on My Deck Rail —

Well Eye cannot feed

Both of Them

Bacon for Breakfast

So Gully will have to desert

His Friend

What Day Was It

What Day Was It

when Dr Blair lied to Me?

When He wrote in The Morning

“I Am Completely Alone

And Intend To Stay That Way –“

and then that Same Morning

He stood behind Me

in The Bank (CIBC)

with His _______ Girlfriend

and then seated at Lunch (JB’s)

when Eye stood at His Table

and His ______ Girlfriend

burst into tears?