Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

A Very Humble Cross

8″ x 10″ $150 Canadian

M(eye) Fallen Angel

48″ x 28″ $2,500 Canadian

Summer Reign

Approximately 29″ x 29″ $1,000 Canadian

M(eye) Precious Reality

8″ x 10″ $350 Canadian

Whose Fault Is It ANYWAY

For sale $1,000 Canadian

Tearful Eye

On disply in my bedroom for sale $1,500 Canadian


Watch is set to 9:11 for sale $1,500 Canadian

Love & Hate

On display at H & R Block in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia for sale $1,500 Canadian

Bonfire 2

On display at Dr. Premachandra’s office in Barrington, Nova Scotia for sale $1,500 Canadian

The Graffiti Painting

Offered to Dr. W. Hunter Blair as part of the divorce settlement– was refused. Comes with its lurid poem for sale now at $58,000 Canadian