Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: March, 2019

2:30 AM

–2– of M(Eye) Life Times

have gone by already:

@ 26 year intervals

w/ a 5 year hiatus

in between

when My Son was a little boy

and My First Marriage

was almost


4:30 AM

Tonight’s Dream presented

The Delightful Nun

of a child

with thick white hair

smiling hefty face

as She looked up at Me

to greet Me

with a small molasses cookie

She wanted to give Me

and I took it

and ate it

6 AM

EYE used to Think

Dr Blair was a good lay


he — H-U-N-T-E-R

is dis-gusting


and I cringe now

when I unwittingly picture

him on top of me

or w/ His Right Hand

up M(Eye) Crotch


Too Bad He Didn’t Listen 2 Me

Jimbo thought He could

wipe out insanity* or

at least die trying

there is no such “thing” as “insanity”

6:22 am

EYE am in M(Eye) Element


in This Land of Comfort & Grace

with My Father’s Magic Bag warm

on My Stomach

and The One made by Becky Symonds

at My Feet.

My Pot of Decaf is waiting


and Eye do not care

that I have no one

2 bring Me Coffee.



Night Vision

EYE said Your Name

in M(Eye) Mind

and so a purple heart appeared

Shiny like Mylar

outlined, not solid

and so a new association

between You

and delicacy


Life’s Hesitation

written March 22, 2019

Eye am merging w/ Him

day by day

night by night

in My Dreams

in My Sleep

and how much farther

do Eye have to go

before We come together

as The Emblem of God?

The Seduction of Eliza

written March 19, 2019

My Daughter was 4 years old

when She first heard

The Voice of Dr. Blair

over My Mother’s answering machine

in The Master Bedroom of The Shakespeare House–

with sun hitting Her tossoled hair

She listened to the smoldering lilt

of whatever it was He was saying to Me

and She looked up, smiling shyly,

and got goog-elly eyes

Another Dream of Peter

written March 17, 2019

I was in a hospital hallway

hearing Peter crying out in pain

seeing Him on a hospital bed

lying on His Left Side

in a pool of pea soup coloured vomit


and I went to Him

as His Former Wife

to hear Him say

Dr Wilson was leaving

because He hated Shelburne.

Then Peter was to be transferred

to another bed

and a nurse handed Me a bag

of His Vomit-soaked Clothing

and I wondered if it was My Responsibility

to wash It


The Symbolism of A Purse

written March 17, 2019


Yesterday morning at 6:00 am

I woke (late) to clean out My Closets

and went through all My Purses

from years ago

and there was My Dear Little Turquoise Satchel

shaped like a settled tear drop

pretty, but totally useless

from that era of Shelburne

whenever it was

whenever it was

when I walked around

and around

dressed in co-ordinated fabrics

supposedly raising a daughter

while my son visited for supper

once in a while

and I slept in My Childhood Bed

with a man I was barely married to

who kept me

on drugs

because I was in love with someone else