Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

9:40 PM

EYE have grown

into My Self

as i eat M(Eye) Chicken Wings —

a whole tray of Them —

EYE see and feel

that Eye, I , i am My Truest

and Boy, does It feel good


1 AM

EYE still have pieces

of Me


–2– The Greatest Love I Have

Ever Known

and Eye will not be delivered

from M(Eye) Bird-den

until the object/subject

of M(Eye) Love

Comes Home

2 AM


Eye think since You

said You read M(Eye) Poems

Eye Think

We will start

writing –2–

each other

2:20 AM

My Dearest Peak

Dr Wilson put You

in an incubator

the night You were born

probably because a nurse

gave Me a shot of something

I did not ask for

and so I could not push


and You were delayed

2:30 AM

–2– of M(Eye) Life Times

have gone by already:

@ 26 year intervals

w/ a 5 year hiatus

in between

when My Son was a little boy

and My First Marriage

was almost


4:30 AM

Tonight’s Dream presented

The Delightful Nun

of a child

with thick white hair

smiling hefty face

as She looked up at Me

to greet Me

with a small molasses cookie

She wanted to give Me

and I took it

and ate it

6 AM

EYE used to Think

Dr Blair was a good lay


he — H-U-N-T-E-R

is dis-gusting


and I cringe now

when I unwittingly picture

him on top of me

or w/ His Right Hand

up M(Eye) Crotch