Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Another Dream of Peter

written March 17, 2019

I was in a hospital hallway

hearing Peter crying out in pain

seeing Him on a hospital bed

lying on His Left Side

in a pool of pea soup coloured vomit


and I went to Him

as His Former Wife

to hear Him say

Dr Wilson was leaving

because He hated Shelburne.

Then Peter was to be transferred

to another bed

and a nurse handed Me a bag

of His Vomit-soaked Clothing

and I wondered if it was My Responsibility

to wash It


The Symbolism of A Purse

written March 17, 2019


Yesterday morning at 6:00 am

I woke (late) to clean out My Closets

and went through all My Purses

from years ago

and there was My Dear Little Turquoise Satchel

shaped like a settled tear drop

pretty, but totally useless

from that era of Shelburne

whenever it was

whenever it was

when I walked around

and around

dressed in co-ordinated fabrics

supposedly raising a daughter

while my son visited for supper

once in a while

and I slept in My Childhood Bed

with a man I was barely married to

who kept me

on drugs

because I was in love with someone else