Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


Eye Dance My Dance

Eye Write My Right

Eye Paint My House

Eye Walk My Walk

And Eye Have My Ultimate Companion

Take A Look

He “treated” Me

like His Fantasy Patient

His Housewife


Personal Secretary (Oh wait a minute —

that’s Treena — she gets paid)


A Prostitute from Time to Time

(and Those weren’t very good times)

What Do Eye Laugh At?

Eye laugh at Arrogance —

or do I?

What Do Eye Attack?

Eye attack dishonesty.


What Else?


M(Eye) Haters on M(Eye) Body

— Shake ‘Em Off

The Shlong Speaks:

“If You’re going to utter death threats

utter them privately.”

Eye’ve Been In Bed With A Sleeze Bucket!!

Or worse — I’ve been married to him

and still am!!


OMG DR Blair has his new professional photo

up on Face Book — have you seen it?  UGH


OMG  He’s just like his cohort

who waggled his tongue at me

at my dinner table in front of his wife!!

When Maria Got Killed

When Maria got killed

Dr Blair said he felt bad —

or something like that

Poem To Go To Sleep

Bereft of family

I would like My Own Baby —

but The Father?

There would be no father.

Baby would be immaculate.

How’bout Them Apples?



Free Verse

Yes Eye got Dr Blair


He doesn’t belong HERE

any more

if He cannot COME


Eye don’t want him

at all


Tonight Dr Blair

said he always thought

I was a better writer

than painter.

Well he’s wrong.

I am an extraordinary


and I can use

My Writing

to make him go to