Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


This is My Nova Scotia Now —

with purple sheets and blanket

luffing on the line

I sit out on My Deck to watch

the yellow of new bamboo

along My Hedge

to bet I can no more

put up with the giving of My Self

Wait A Minute

The Shower of Silver Lights

is My Ultimate Protection —

no one can touch Me

in the wrong place

because My Shimmering Spears

are lethal

and I finally know

how to wield Them

Awning, Dawning, Spawning

An Awning We will erect

on the facade of the UFO Museum

in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

to exhibit The Model of Self Organizing Galaxy

unfurled, to Dawn upon The World

as the only surviving Artefact

of The Artwork which Spawned