Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Heterosexual Sex Explained:

A man wants a woman

to have orgasm(s)

because she loses control.

Men like women

to lose control.

It turns them on.

And if a man

makes a woman

have orgasm(s)

he feels empowered.

BTW:  Woman do not really care

if a man has one or not.

The Fanatic






Message for Women & Girls:

Don’t have sex

if you are fertile

and do not want to get pregnant —

If you do get pregnant

and you are afraid to have The Child

think of Him or Her

as Your Own Creation

Your Own Empowerment:

The Bond of Mother and Child

is Sacred

Fatalism 2

Eye have gotten up

from The Wrong Side of The Bed —

what kind of difference?

What’s The Latest?

My Divorcing Husband

has allowed Me to become

The Social Outcast

Who walks My expansive beach alone

Who sleeps with

The Virginal Banana

Who reads Her Verse

dressed like a vamp

while He refuses to ask

“How did it go?”