Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Kiss of Death

Is on his head

And who has placed it there?

A needle pokes

Through his clay locks

To slay his silver hair —

He says to all who dare

To hear

“She is mad l’m afraid –”

To me he says

“No you are fine

And will always be

My Dear”


What did Dr Blair

hope to achieve by holding

me down for so long?

“Flat-ass Calm”

This morning’s line

of stupendous spark

was cast behind

the glittering arc

of a lobster man

tending his float

and stringing out

a tail to quote:

“dipping stars”

along his mark

and all around

His Glorious Boat

Little Lolita

Eye am forever Lolita

in M(eye) Little Black

Pleated Skirt

in the back of His Black

On Black Mob Car

driving Me to His Cheap Hotel

for a night

of intrigue

& Korean food


Eye would paint the sky

in oils feathering greys

for M(eye) clouds of Gold