Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Palm Sunday

Eye have The New Christ

pinned to M(eye) wall

She lays with Her Backside

bare to us all —

She fucks our Netflicks

to the content of Her Heart —

She dangles Her Crotch

& lets out a fart

In M(eye) House

Eye am in

The Silver Anniversary

of M(eye) Mother’s Death:

The Shower of SilverĀ  Lights

is 25 Years Old

and now Eye am free

of Its Stigma

and am living

under The Sun

& Moon


Eye have lifted M(eye) Shade

to The Alien Eye

of comfort & quiet

in the dark of morning’s night —

It shines through M(eye) Crack

as a blink of The Light

from out on The Cape

to surrender M(eye) Fight