Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


She is beautifully dark haired —

with Her Orange Blossom

poised above Her Left Ear —

She spoke, She speaks

melodiously into My Right Ear

I hear Her all day

all night:

She is My Woman/Child


“Do It To Me — Do It To Me –”

I had My Voice for THAT

but my voice was stifled, sucked back

when I tried to cry out,

down a darkened staircase:

“Who Is It? ¬†Who Is It?”

And he attacked me

on my unfamiliar bed

to hold me down

to inject me

while I couldn’t say “NO”

Everybody Is Out

Everybody is out

To protect themselves

And/or their children and pets

Through control measures

Like work schedules

And happy homemaking —

Through school lunches

And hospital stays

Through church services

And funerals

And art