Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Global Economic Transformation

The Hawk Kitchen 5:30pm

Today I cried out

In my repetitive voice

For the immortal flesh

Of Silver

Which descends from my mind

And not anybody else’s

Because it came to me

When I was unafraid —

I have it in spirit

In vision

But I am in need

Desperate need

Of its weight

In hand

New Notion

The Hawk Kitchen 5:15pm

There’s a new notion of God


It has to do with you

Whether you believe or not

The concept is rising

Through the crowds at night

It has to do with sex —

Did I say it right?

The Prostitute’s Reflection

The Hawk Kitchen 4:40pm

Today I sat in The Brilliant Sun

With open door

Just for fun

I sat before a wall of brick

And no one came

To buy my trick

I soon got bored

And drove away

But not before

I vowed to sell

My soul off

To posterity

It’s The “Artist” In Me, I’m Afraid

The Hawk Kitchen 4:11pm

No wonder Van Gogh

Cut off his ear!

I feel like cutting off

My left breast

And serving it up

To grace my supper

Of left-over

— You got it! —

Chicken breast

Sauteed in my husband’s

Favourite sauce


The Hawk Kitchen 3:00 pm

I have a meadow

Of my own design

Housing three deer

Of maturity

Their heads are bowed

Grazing the overgrown grass

Fog whisps around

Their golden brown

And the smattering of white

From the gazing daisies —

Oh! One is squatting to pee —

A Song of Rings

My Bedroom 8:00am 

Eye wear two diamonds

Now — from two separate rings:

One is set in Silver Swirl

And One is set in Golden Eyes

In between Eye wear the Platinum

My Grandfather engraved to Jo

I believe He loved Her

He called Her “Hon”

And allowed Her Gardens

— Yes Gardens —

To Grow


My Bedroom 7:23am

He IS His Job

He IS His Skill

Is He a man?

He is a mouse

That Thrills

Can I Do It?

My Bedroom 6:05am 

It comes down to this —

A measure of faith —

Faith in My Self

To ride over this state

To feel my advantage

When I look at my face

Not to bother with hate

Not to bother with hate


My Bedroom 5:22am

I have an adversary

In my head

Rather there

Than in my bed

He’s known to me

For twenty years

First as my doctor

He’s kept his career

It overlapped

Our marriage fair

And knocked me down

To a fighting deer

I WAKE today

To the birds I love

And hope and pray

For My Dove —

As for Him

The Doc of foe

There’ll be a book

Of naery a woe