Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Once There Was A Doctor

My Bedroom 11:00pm

Once There Was A Doctor

Very set in his ways

He would prescribe for you

Bed rest for your days

Of feeling worse than shades of blue

So you would stay that way

To keep his grip

He’d hug you tight

To wish you well

Throughout your night

But all in all

It wasn’t worth the fight

He’d meander in

In the morning light

And manage nothing more

Than force your head to spin

One day this doctor chose a bride

He told her she was “honest”

She thought he was a rightly man

To alleviate her chronic

Pain but found herself

In him not tonic

Instead she found she had

No name

And sat around as best she could

To wash his clothes

Put away his books

This went on

For many a year

Until he slapped her

In the ear —

She woke to face him

Square head on

To battle out

Their dance

Till dawn

And still they dance

The dance of kicks

Each the other

To claim their licks



Once There Was A Husband

My Bedroom 10:22pm

I had a husband

He was bad

He made me angry

He made me sad

I tried to love him

Long ago

But then he saw me

With no clothes

He sees me now

In what I wear

From here to infinity

I do swear

I’ll take him down

He’s got nothing left

But my daughter

And he’s caused a rift

Between us now

And between his own

For the sake of Silver

He stole my crown

Eye Know Eye Love

The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 8:30pm

Eye can reclaim M(eye) innocence

In the pleasure of a gull

Preening Himself

As He stands web-footed

On M(eye) deck rail

He knows not

The vitality of the pig

He consumes —

He is wary of His feeder’s hand

He knows not He is 99 44/100% pure

Don’t Fly Away, Gully!

The Hawk Kitchen Outpost (timeless)

“Gully, want some bacon?”

“Want some bacon?”

“Say breakfast.”

“Say breakfast. ”

“Brrk Brrk”


“Say breakfast.”

“Brrk Brrk”


“Take it Gully — take the piece of bacon.”

“Brrk Brrk”

“Here’s the bacon. ┬áTake it Gully!”

“You can take it.”


“Take it, Gully.”

“Take it.”

“Brrk Brrk”

“You said Breakfast!”



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 1:00pm

Eye have 2 ears &

Can listen to 2 clear sounds

If they’re M(eye) Favourites


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 12:45pm

Eye will Not be ruled

By gull nor wondering man

If he wants bacon

The Exhibitionist

M(eye) Bedroom 10:00am

Eye have on M(eye)

Black Negligee

Not worn since M(eye) Husband

Got arrested six months ago–

Too bad no one butt


Is here to see how IT

Is accessorized


My Bedroom 6:55am

Gully’s breakfast

Is on the rocks

With His Girlfriend

They dine upon Purina

Kept in line

From the sighting of one racoon

The other night —

Would the cats keep away

A racoon nest

Under the deck?