Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


My Bedroom 9:45pm

Eye might as well be

Wearing a chastity belt

But for M(eye)nd Lover


Jonathan Boo’s Birthday

The Hawk Corner Room 5:10pm

After trying all day

I may not have You eating

Out of my hand, yet

This evening You dropped

A long black-tipped pinion

For me to find in the high

Wildflowers — my only gull feather

Of known identification


Gully’s Breakfast

The Hawk Corner Room 6:40am

This morning I woke

To the rap tap tapping

At my kitchen door —

Gully got me out of bed

To be fed a hunk

Of chicken fat

From last night’s supper —

I put it on His Rail

Two feet away —

He grabbed it and flew —