Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


My Hawk Bedroom 9:45pm

I’ve been touched

By two men —

One who gives me strength

To alleviate pain

And one who saps me

For my brain



Curse of The Sun

My Rocking Chair 9:00pm

Oh sun how Eye hate you!

You vile hunk of

Liquid metal

You can rot forever

From your slime —

Eye detest your vulgar

Comings and goings —

Why don’t you ever stay?

What R U afraid of?

Must you stare at me

Day after day

Coming unbidden

Through my West

Through my East

(At least you’re Silver there)

I’ve had about enough of you —

I hate your sleezy guts

(If you have any)


Here We Go

The Hawk Deck 2:22pm

Eye could very easily

Rub out Your Yellow Star —

Give Me a Moment

Like the One Eye had

A million years ago

And I’ll work for You

If provoked

I’ll work


The Hawk Deck 11:45am

The Daisies R M(eye) Universe

Oh how I love Them so —

I picked My One @ random

And de-flowered Him to know

Yes He loves me

Now I’m sure

And tell you

I’ll be true

For years & years I’ve longed for Him

Butt now Eye’s

Foolin U



My Bedroom Rocking Chair 11:11am

This morning when I woke

@ 6:00

Eye did not know for the life of me

How old it was I could not be —

I wondered if I was 22

Or if I was 23

Then I remembered I’m “56”

And said, “Oh yeah”

2 X It