Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

The Narcotic

My Hawk Bedroom 11:30am

Dr —– has been known

To be of greatest comfort

He has the look in his blue eyes

Of consolation and confidence —

He pulled me in as his patient

Twenty years ago

He councelled me on my true love

Pushing to let go

I didn’t listen

Never could

And so was thrown the dice

Of drugs galore

From other docs

With Dr —–‘s


Eye stayed immune

From his control

As blind as he could work

Until one night before my food

He placed a pill, The Jerk

At my table of supper cooked

By me I was his wife

#3 as I lay bare

His Fallacy of Life





December 27th, 2016- 8:10am

My Hawk Bedroom 10:22am

Don’t ever let your husband make

His concoction of whipped cream and lace:

“Bullet-proof coffee”

Served from a blender —

He just might whack you

In the face



THE RAPIST (revised)

My Hawk Bedroom 10:00am

Yes he came at me

And pushed me on my bed —

But it’s what he said

I cannot erase

It’s forever in my head:

What every woman

Should never hear

From the man who spread her legs

“I could rape you”

Hear and now —

Am I ever seeing RED



My Hawk Bedroom 9:15am

I used to have a special couch

Where I would sit to think —

I sometimes dressed to play the part

Of a woman who doesn’t drink.

She wore The Cloth of Oprah crepe

And silver to her bows

She demanded attention

From anywhere

To address the world’s woes

Her husband thought she

Paraded around —

He didn’t like her trot.

Up in The Corner Room

She sat with him

Upon a pull-out cot

They talked, they bantered

It got hardly anywhere —

And then for his commanding

Flare he broke to solid ground:

“Can I fuck the persona?”

Was all he asked —

And she stepped outside

Her Gown


My Hawk Bedroom 8:45am

On June 15th a year ago

I quit a drug of chain —

I lost some sleep

But that was fine

My insight I regained

My husband then laid out straight

Naked on our bed

He looked at me with lusty eyes

And this is what he said:

“Maybe you’ll become a sex maniac”



My Hawk Bedroom 8:05 am

Years ago when my kids were small

And he was “dating” me

A knock came pounding on my door

He let her in to see —

He let his second wife enraged

Up my stairs

To me

I sat upon my bed unclothed

No covers placed for modesty —

He held her off

As she flailed at me

I poised for SOMETHING worse:

“Take a look” was all he said

And married me to boot