Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


M(eye) Bedroom 9:30pm

I traversed to close a shade

across the horrid shit I made

I swore to Me the dawn was best

I made a pact to sort the rest

I saw instead a patch of red

beyond the sky I now would dread

It caught Me tight

to keep the light

of new ignition

and now My Fight

My Daughter Fair

M(eye) Hawk Bedroom 5:00pm

My Daughter hates My Signature

She is My Calling Card

conceived in My Mind

without the help

of That Father-figure


She is blond and fabulous

Working now for

Our Canadian Coast Guard

sleeping with Her Port Hole

one foot above the water



The Hawk Kitchen 4:45pm

Eye nudged Its thinness

with M(eye) Right Toe

there immersed in a galaxy

of seaweed, seashells and sand —

Eye picked It up

with M(eye) Left Fingertips

to turn It in M(eye) Hand

revealing the fleur-de-lys pattern

of Man-made