Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk West Desk Window 9:19pm

I hate to close the shade

on the last remnants of sunset

but I can hear The Waves

through the bathroom window

and so all is well

with Me.


The Hawk Beach 7:50pm

Last night I saw one sizeable sand castle

with a tunnel and moat and bridge —

tonight one hump of it

and the bridge of wood

remain —

farther along The Hawk Beach

an additional creation is ringed

with blue and purple mussel shells

sporting crab claws and sea gull feathers

and a third,

also from last night,

sets unscathed

with pink crab shells adorning

each of its four turrets



The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 3:15pm

Now when I reach

for My Life Glass

it is not to quench

My Unquenchable Thirst

drug-induced —

that craving is gone forever

now when I reach

for My Beautiful Glass

it is to take in

the moderate fare

of My Drug-free* Living

by one or two sips


*still taking 1mg Clonazepam for sleep to be weaned off

after My Children leave