Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Beach 8:11pm

There were three loose dogs

on The Hawk Beach tonight

so I turned South West

toward The Drowned Forest —

The Tide was out revealing

an extended array of ancient stumps

haggled in rock weed

twisted roots of prehistoric origin

continuing their grope through a sandy bog bed —

I came past the mysterious line

of purposely positioned stalks

to where an outcropping

of larger mangled trunks mingled

with the off-shore boulders

and I sat upon a square white rock

to write as The Sun went down



The Hawk Deck 10:10am

I have said Good-bye

to My Darling Cow Bird

Whose love affair with My Car Mirror

is gone

He bowed off with another

female two weeks ago —

I have said Hello

to My Husband

and will be hanging The Bedding

in Our Hot Sun

I will be playing

The Cow Bird’s Song

on an internet recording

for The Arrival

of My Children

one week