Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


Down On The Hawk Beach 4:15pm

I am sitting beside a rock

and Oh not just any rock —

it’s a rock the size and shape

of a giant brain tumour,

brown and cut apart at the edges —

it doesn’t scare Me anymore

I listen to the waves instead

at My Right —

the rock is to My Left and I will go

away from it

as quietly

as I came upon it


The Hawk Deck 9:30am

He stood in His Pyjamas

in the early morning sun

gazing out, forward

across The West Side

of Shelburne Harbour

across the serene dockage

of My Mother’s Boat

at mooring

He took it all in:

He took in The Wild Flowers

The Rocks of the shoreline

He took in The Light

on the water

He took in The Air

and The Warmth

The Buzz of One Fly

and grinned


The Hawk Window Seat 5:30am

I woke from The Hawk Queen Bed

to see The Full Moon resting

over The Cape

and on the other side

of The Earth

the pink glow of promise

that soon I would see

My Beloved Sun

edge Its way to the surface