Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 9:33am

My Life is in Order:

the grass is being cut

after three weeks —

a super load of laundry is on

and I feel like

cooking something

decent tonight

for My Hard-working Husband

who had to take pain-killers last night

— He’s still stoned —

and is going into the office

@ Noon


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:45am

I dreamt of a cheerful baby

named Turrettes

who jumped on a bed

and fell off backwards

on Her Head but

She was alright —

only spewed out a streak

of vomit

across surrounding walls

which I cheerfully

cleaned up

much to the thanks

of Her Mother


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 7:09am

The Sun rises North now

over The Scrub Spruce

leaving only a glance

of Silver Water

for Me to stretch My Eye to —

but I saw It this morning

from the bathroom window upstairs

where I COULD see more water

and saw It blip to the surface

before I went back

to sleep