Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:18pm

Tonight I spared The Life

of a 2nd Silver Fish —

The First One I squished

with My Sandal —

#2 was right against The Black Spiral

on My floor-laden painting

probably going after some glitter glue —

but He caught My Attention

at The Center of My Art

so I quietly observed His Behaviour

testing His Awareness of Me —

I put My index finger above Him

as if to squash

but He didn’t budge

so I let Him Be


New Year’s Day 2012 The Hawk

I am The Silver Christ

Grey if you like

in This Time of Black & White

I represent The Reconciliation

of Opposites


I can Speak

if You Dare To Listen

I can Point

if You Dare To Open

Your Eyes

though I will not blind You

with My Brilliance —

I will fortify You

with Your Own


What Could We Accomplish

Out There

in Our Brave Wide World —

would You allow Me

to become a Child again —

with The Child’s brazen curiosity?


Could You, Would You

dress Me in Silver —

Dazzling Grey —

or shall I stay

in My Thick Grey Robe?


I’m sitting on My Neutral Sofa

with The Atlantic Ocean & Open Sky

both Grey Today

along My Right

& You, All of You —

to My Left