Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: December, 2015


The Hawk Beach Guzzle 3:25pm

The Universe

is a stretch of beach

be-spotted with the turds of gulls

each spray or puddle is unique:

The Galaxies

of The Ocean’s Lull



The Hawk Basement Exercise Room 10:38am

On My C2 Rowing Machine

I breathe with My Mouth


I breathe in The Air

from The Basement Window

Cracked —

I breathe in The Air

of Nova Scotia

& I don’t even care

if The Roof of My Mouth

goes dry


My 1992 art project titled Satellite Art For Extraterrestrials is originally described in the following raw footage video of 22 minutes.  The project is hereby designated to commemorate the lives of fourteen young women who were gunned down on this date, December 6th, 1989, at Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal, Quebec — because they were women. With their families’ permission, I now plan to have commemorative markers to be designed and placed at fourteen specific geographic sites in Quebec and Labrador, Canada.  Each marker will be placed in memory of what each woman was striving to achieve twenty-six years ago, and in honour of the strides all women continue to make for themselves and all of humanity:

Genevieve Bergeron 21

Nathalie Croteau 23

Anne-Marie Edward 21

Maryse Laganiere 25

Anne-Marie Lemay 27

Michele Richard 21

Annie Turcotte 21

Helene Colgan 23

Barbara Daigneault 22

Maud Havernick 29

Maryse Leclair 23

Sonia Pelletier 23

Annie St-Arneault 23

Barbara Klucznik Widajewicz 31


The Hawk Portico 2:00pm

EYE am very happy

sitting here on My Portico

in bathrobe & slippered feet

on the 6th of December

in the sun

on this beleaguered Anniversary

of the 1989 Montreal Massacre*

having just begun

My Painting

titled “I Have Poured Out M(EYE) Black Heart”


* On December 6, 1989, fourteen female engineering students were gunned down, another ten women and four men injured, at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec.  The massacre was carried out single handedly by Marc Lepine who claimed he “hated feminists.”  He killed himself with the final shot.




The Hawk Kitchen 5:06pm

EYE have A Star

on M(EYE) Kitchen Floor

— I will not sweep It up!

I will let It twinkle

@ M(EYE) Feet

& Love The Domain

Eye see beneath


The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:30pm

EYE opened My Napping EYES

to a sky of Gold

to The Mapping of My World

plain as candy

spun sugar

held by little children



The Hawk Kitchen 12:30pm

Thank You, little

oven clock

lifting My Spirit

with Your Skewed Time

I catch You

whenever I can

when You catch Me

with The Magic

of M(EYE) Numbers

You remind Me

of Pre-destiny

and EYE am eternally grateful


The Hawk Window Seat 9:05am

EYE can see

The Silver

from My Bedroom Window

as  look out

from My Window Seat

the tub is running

for My Doctor/Husband

My Dress Up Doll

I am drinking coffee

watching The World

come undone