Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


Listening to Future Islands 8:25pm

One night

an eternity ago

when I was young with My Brother

alive, yet within the walls

of Our Psychiatric Unit

He gave Me a white carnation

& a red rose & said

I was The Rose — I asked Him

to join Me in the morning

in My Pink Bedspread-ed Room

to make the announcement

to Our tall psychiatrist:

as I took Howard’s hand

I pronounced to Dr Chandler

“We are The Second Coming of Christ”

and he, that very tall man

with the booming voice

walked out


The Hawk Kitchen Outpost 4:11pm

I just saw A Star

of red

against a sky

of cloud

It came at a specific thought

when I wondered

if I had said

— oh what was that?

if I had said —


The Hawk Kitchen 12:45pm

In The Bargain Shop

where I bought 2 pairs

of rowing shorts

I heard a skinny witch cackle

“It’s cold enough in here

to kill Ya –”

Then She appeared in

My Rear View Mirror

in the drive-thru for a McDonald’s coffee

sitting with an angelic niece or daughter?

in an old brown pick-up


The Hawk Corner Room 8:17am

Is that a dramatic bank of fog

or illuminated low-lying cloud

out across My Calm Horizon?

It tapers off

to the south

is thickest to the north

& how I wonder

what weather

it has in store