Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Queen Bed 8:48pm

In The Jordan Bay House

Howard and I were put to bed

at 8 o’clock

with late evening sun

pouring in over the ridge

to the west of our Grandparents’

It came through uncurtained windows

as We lay in Our Beds

tired from Our Days

at the shore

or helping in Granmamma’s garden

or Pappy’s workshop —

those were the domains

of Our Grandparents while Our Mother

worked on Her Island House

half a harbour away

where She would sleep

forever when She died

with sheep walking over

Her Grave


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:30pm

I have had a love affair

with a diamond ring —

well, with its Inclusion —

I nestled It, The Pale Arrow

in the crook of My Arm

for weeks it seemed

until today when I put it, the ring

back in its blue box

for that day

when I need again

to feel perfection

symbolized in The Distorted Gleam

“Hello There!”

The Hawk Portico 2:22pm

Hello My Question Mark Ring!

You’re back on My Right Middle Finger

from where You should

never have strayed

I Love You Question Mark Ring

with Your enormous chunk of cut quartz crystal

& Your lower level of twenty-four diamonds

shaped for Your Name

I am proud of You

& All You Represent:

My Fortitude

My Grace

My Happiness of Place

The Question is merely

for Those Who Do Not Know Me

for I open up to anyone


I open up for You

My Dearest Emblem of Faith


The Hawk Kitchen 8:07am

The Vibrancy of Silver

is awash across the water

filling My Kitchen

with bright rays of light

I wait for the coffee to steep

to write of My Days

here in the quiet

of My Sufficient Sleep