Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: May, 2014


The Tomato-coloured Couch 7:15pm

Sun Across The Lawn

Like An Ember In Evening

A Robin’s Breast Glows



The Hawk West Desk Window 5:30pm

If I could master music

what would I play

of the serenading line of dunes

along The Hawk Cape

silhouetted against

a strip of Ocean Silver —

what would I sing?

“Good Night, My World!”

The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:32pm

Let Me Find My Silver Pen

To Write On Your Forehead

As You Lie Back

With Your Eyes Closed —

Let Me Write On You —

Above All

I Love You —

You’re Not Going To Die

You Will Have Your Fill Of Dreams

Happy And Bad, Terrible Even —

But You Must Go Through

The Terror

And Comfort

Of The Night

In Order To Wake —

Go To Sleep My Precious World —

Let Me Rock You To Sleep

Let Me Draw My Label

My Signature

On Your Forehead —

Let Me Find My Red Felt Pen

My Permanent Marker

To Draw Upon You

Above Your Eyes

A Fleshy Heart

Filled In With Red

Out-lined By Black


The Tomato-coloured Couch 4:15pm

The Message I received

from My Divine Hallucination

of the head of The Beautiful Dark Haired Woman

on My Right Shoulder

Who said, “You Know The Meaning Of Life

And So You Are A Star —

so go to sleep”

may have been, now, telling

The Whole World

to go to sleep —

perhaps it is not awakening

We need —

it is Sleeping and Dreaming

celebrating The Night

Our Darkness

to find Our True Selves



The Hawk Out Post 12:29pm

In The Little Wood

behind Our House

The Deer hide

and come out every evening

to feed upon the neighbour’s grain

and decorate Our Lawn with Their Trottings

returning to Their Wood

They know so well

as I know only by Its distant façade:

under clouds edged in darker grey

a bank of scrub spruce

concealing creatures

Who may never know

The Sky


The Hawk Queen Bed 9:44pm

I think I know what Psychosis is

— or at least I can try

to explain It, briefly —

as It happens to Me:

It, The Psychotic State Of Mind



is the intense focus on One’s

surroundings —

It is One’s Perception

and The Mind’s reaction to that


as I am caught now

 hearing The Peepers

and a slow car coming out

of a gravelled driveway

across the road

*I believe Mind and Body are interchangeable 



The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:41pm

I was once walled in

by plexi-glass & counter tops

filing cabinets & indoor-outdoor carpeting

My Performance of trying to live or die

was put on display

& written about in nurses’ journals

I was made to eat food

I could not taste

& made to shower

when all I wanted to do

was drown in the tub

Now I Am Here

on The Hawk where the only wall

makes up My Kitchen Glass Doors:

They Slide Open

I Can Walk Through

To The Outside

To The Bird Calls

Of Life


The Tomato-coloured Couch 5:30pm

I once looked in a mirror

in My Private Bath

behind My Room

at The Yarmouth Regional Psych Unit

to see a face

I did not recognize:

slouched, forlorn, perplexed

The Face I See Now

in the multiple mirrors

of Our Hawk House




The Hawk Deck 4:43pm

I Have A Stigmata

applied twice daily

with a Q -Tip

to My Right Cheek

(facial, that is)

I’m killing a part of Me —

a part of unfavourable growth —

I march around proudly

with the evidence of Sun


The Hawk En Suite Bath 1:32pm

I sit in a swath of Sun

where once I sat

in a Moon Beam

& got up to write

It out

I have come

full circle

where Night is now


& I am Seeing

The Breadth Of Light

*Jesus Jones 1991