Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"


The Hawk Queen Bed 10:22pm

I Come With A Story

& It ain’t very pretty

It ain’t no Barbie Doll story

where You make It up as You go along

It has all Its facts laid out


bright & ugly

terrible in Its glory

It starts with a death

of The Mother, My Mother

Who entrapped Me on an island

off Nova Scotia —

Oh I’ve told this story so many times —

How when She died

I didn’t sleep for four days

How on the fourth day I asked for a sign

to comfort Me

& got smashed over the head

by a Shower Of Lights

so much so I thought I was The Second Coming Of Christ

I was taken to hospital

to a darkened little room

where I saw no less

than The Meaning Of Life

& I laughed

I saw God’s Joke opening out before My Eyes

& have never been able to tell It

I Come With A Joke

to set the world ablaze

with laughter — so much so

that no one can copulate

for several weeks at least

thereby making a blip

in the productivity of Human Kind

I Come With A Blip


The Tomato-coloured Couch 6:22pm

I have saved every Dozen Roses

of Eliza’s

hung upside down

& dried out

in vases, arranged

two dozen still hanging

from Me, old boyfriends

one treasured young man

staged in My Kitchen

doubled dozen in cut glass

petals laying themselves out

on table tops

falling to the floor

scattered up the stairs

crunching in Her Bed Room

all their colours subtly muted

drying into generic mauve

as they lose their moisture

their scent

taking on the scent of age

of years