Joanna Gilman Hyde

"Good Morning, World!"

Month: September, 2013


The Hawk Portico 2:15pm

The Insect World

IS This World

How I love Their hovering —

They can spy on Me

all They want

as I spy on Them

with Their iridescence

Their cellophane wings

or if They crawl

Their multitudinous legs

They’re the only Aliens

We need


From The Hawk Kitchen Refrigerator 

(quotation marks implied)



From the get go


From day 1

Life is a journey

There ya go!

Climate change


Live in the moment

It’s all good!

You can’t have everything

Ya get what ya pay for

Nobody’s perfect

Inappropriate behaviour

Up the yin yang

Ya can’t take it with you!

Yeah (as a filler)


On the same page

Step up to the plate

You have a lot on your plate

Between a rock and a hard place



Good energy

On board

If I win the lottery

Wake up call



Live & learn

Mind set (though I use it)

Down time

Melt down

Jus’ sayin

It is what it is

Get your head around

Heads up

Stepping stone

Team player

There are two sides to every story

Win – win

Been there, done that

Bought the T-shirt

Count your blessings

Look on the bright side

Hang in there

Have a good day

Good Luck

End game

Game over

At the end of the day

In the final analysis

Play it by ear

Quantitative easing (sounds like a laxative)

No brainer


The Hawk Kitchen 7:14pm

I took Dr Blair

His Dessert

of frozen berries thawed

in the microwave

& two scoops of French Vanilla Ice Cream

I took It to Him

under the low light

in The Hawk Family Room

where He sat by The Computer

looking elegant

I was serving

A Very Important Man

Who can’t seem to retire

even though His Back

is killing Him


The Hawk Basement 12:39pm

When My Mother first had Her Brain Tumour


She was tested as to functionality

by having to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies


in a hospital kitchen

She was to follow a recipe

and I was with Her

not allowed to help

but I don’t remember

how, or if

They came out



The Hawk West Desk Window 8:38pm

Fall is finished for Me now

as soon as I saw

Its leaves along the grounds

of My Husband’s Office

No other flurry of fall

will strike Me the same

as This Summer’s Turning

Its brash array

scattered before The Edifice

of My Husband’s Career

Fifty Falls in the making


The Hawk Kitchen 4:47pm

The Sky around here

is so dramatic:

The Heavy Greys

of low-lying Clouds

move across The View

out My Sliding Glass Doors

with The Sun hitting Their Layers

— The Clouds, not The Doors —

while I sit on A Cat’s Ottoman

in My Pretty But Humble



A Gull pass over

illuminated in Silver


The Hawk West Desk Window 2:45pm

I used to go to churches

and found them hollow places

Who there would hear of My Unstoppable

Shower Of Lights?

Who there could understand The Depths

of My Enclosed Depression?

I used to go to churches

looking for companionship

in the rawness of being broken open

like the delicate egg

I was trying to carry

I used to go to churches

when I wanted to die instead —

where no Minister could make Me


and no friend could balance Me

I used to go to churches

and now I am Home

years beyond the fragility

in the compatibility

of My Marriage

where My House is

My Church


The Hawk Basement 11:25am

My Eyes for Our Visions

My Nose for Our Memories

My Mouth for Our Delight

My Brains for Our Dreaming

My Breasts for Our Sustenance

My Genitals for Our Desire

My Arms for Our Embracing

My Hands for Our Work

My Feet for Our Mobility

My Innards for Our Digestion

of Me

My Heart for Our Love



The Hawk Living Room 3:42pm

When I was A Child Of Sex

I swallowed The Semen

of anonymous men

unremembered — the men

not The Taste —

now in My Upstanding Years

I have sex with One Man

and besides

We don’t do That


The Hawk West Desk Window 10:22pm

She wore Her Layers of Spandex Grey

& stepped upon the ladder

“I’ll have to have The Man I Made

and It’s no laughing matter”

He then appeared in Spandex White

& claimed Her Hand was His —

off They flew into The Night

A Duo on Their Dash to “IZ”